Sunday, January 6, 2013

New Year's Update.

Finished Jimm's Hiker. This is the first sweater that I have knit for my husband. Ever. Finished it on the day of our second marriage. Twenty-two years ago we were married in a Roman-Catholic Church. Jimm is Greek-Orthodox and this ceremony was not recognized by his church. We have been talking about doing it in the Ortodox Church for years, but it never happened. In fact, I thougth that we would "elope" and do it in Greece. But we ended up doing it at home, in Canada. It was wonderful.

Now I am making a Striped Noro Scarf for our koumbaros. We met John two days before the wedding and liked him instantly. He took great care of us and of our wedding. So he will get a silk-mohair hand-knitted scarf. Although I am not sure about the color choices. Will see how it continues to stripe, but I find these particular colors a bit too bold and saturated.

I have many other knitting plans for this year. We shall see how many of them will actually materialize. Some have to do with destashing, some with frogging, some with knitting for my sons and my husband. And some with finally donating things to charity.

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