Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Lynne Barr - I Started a New Group

I am just going through Lynne's new book and I have already started the Two-Tone Vest. I just love the simplicity of her design, combined with the unexpected twist.

Her reversible knits make me seriously wonder about how her brain works, just the same way that I wondered with her Knitting New Scarves book. The ideas for the scarves! The 3D designs!
Come join the group and let's all just rave about her!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Got Buttons!

The buttons from Lantern Moon finally arrived. They are beautiful, lovely turquoise colour, made of coconut shell. I sewed them on and they looked lovely with the Summer Tweed.

Then I put on the sweater and the collar still does not lie flat. I will need to knit a large wedge into the back so that it lies flat on the shoulders. The pattern just did not work out for me. I think it is becasue I used the Summer Tweed and not the Donegal Tweed. Will have to cut the middle and use short rows to flatten it out. I really am not looking forward to it.