Saturday, December 22, 2012

Back, but for how long?...

Spent a good day with my sister today. Whenever she comes home we do, talk and shop knitting. So we did this today.
I have done lots of knitting in the past few weeks, but have not been keeping track. Of hours, of projects, of meters. Did not even photograph a couple of baby blankets before I gifted them. That has something to do with the fact that I lost all photos from a trip to Greece, Poland and Ukraine, but who has time to regret that, hmm? However, one thing I will keep track of - I will NOT knit for people who do not care about me. So I-know-who will not get the baby blanket that I thought would be for her. I feel vindictive about it, because everybody at work has gotten a knitted gift when they had a baby, but also justified. But she had just gone too far. And I have already given it to somebody else.
Today I decided to get rid of some bad mojo and I frogged the Twenty-Year Vest. I will make something else from this lovely yarn, but probably next year. I still need to relax the yarn, as it had been knitted for about six years.
Yesterday I bought ten skeins of Rowan Cocoon and will finaly make a sweater for my husband (who has never recieved a sweater from me), today I bought some lovely Madelintosh because it was a lovely indigo-blue and was called Baltic, and Rowan Magazine Nr 48 with the pattern for Jimm's sweater.

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