Saturday, January 19, 2013

Koumbaros Scarf

Two weeks ago my husband and I got married again in the Greek Orthodox Church. He proposed to me again on our twenty-second wedding anniversary on October 6th. In front of our sons!

We wanted to have as many people from our small family there so we arranged the wedding to take place when my Cambodian-living sister and brother-in-law were in town for Christmas. Having settled the date for January 4th, 2013 we only had one thing left to do - find a koumbaros.

A koumbaros is a very important part of the Orthodox wedding ceremony - he holds and exchanges the crowns and exchanges the rings three times after the priest puts them on. And as he does so, he becomes a part of our family. Usually it is the groom's best friend. Well, Jimm does not have any friend that are Greek Orthodox and his only brother who was our best man at our first wedding died four years ago. We were in a bit of a pickle until Father Theo asked John M. to be our koumbaros.

We liked him instantly. He took his duties very seriously and took great care of us. So I made him a Striped Noro Scarf.

And then I wrapped it really nicely. Made labels.

It took nearly as long to wrap it properly as it did to knit it! Well, may be not, but it was quite a production.

End product.

And he loved it!

Thank you John!

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