Monday, January 14, 2013


So it looks like Flying Cranes is not the right project for Claudia Handpainted Silk Lace after all. I am almost done and I have only used 40 gms of the 100 gm skein. I need to find some other pattern that will use up this whole 1100 yards monster!

I may try Camino Leaves, but I am not sure. It still does not take up the whole skein. On the other hand, squre shawls like Corfu and Mimosa need a lot more. Well, Mimosa does not, but I always wanted to make it in pink and even bought a yarn for it - but of course I did not buy enough! How cosmically jinxed is that? I have enough blue-green yarn that was supposed to be sea-related to make Mimosa which was supposed to be pink. And I have not enough pink yarn to make the pink confection that I always thought Mimosa was supposed to be, but it will suffice for a sea-titled/related one. Pink seas anyone?

I think that I will make a blue-green Mimosa. I have already bought the pattern, I have the right yardage, it is meant to be. Now to frog.

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