Friday, January 11, 2013

Flying Cranes Stole and Knitting Silk.

Working away at this. Started it just after Xmas and I was about 2 inches into it when I dropped a stitch and needed to frog it. Luckily I did not need to frog the cable cast on! It was 300 stitches with a slippery needle and a slippery yarn - not much fun.

Will keep bloody-mindedly going on with it. I need to finishi it, becasue it is the last thing that I am willing to try with this yarn. Claudia Handpaineted Silk Lace - 100% silk in an exquisite blue-seagreen. It was a total impulse purchase, right after I discovered Ravelry and all the wonders therein. Subconsciously I must have seen this yarn hanging by the door of the Needle Emporium for months before that. And then - not thinking exactly about it I went to the story looking for "turquoise-Caribbean" yarn. And there it was. And I had to buy it. And now - five years later - I still do not know what to make with it. Silk is deceptive - soft which turns slippery when you knit it, smooth which turns fuzzy after you wear it. And non-blockable. And non-stretchy. In a word - difficult. And not so pretty when knit up.

Hah! This is new! I cannot upload photos directly from my computer! Whose idea is that?!

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