Saturday, January 30, 2010


Feeling a bit empty-handed after finishing Tropical Fish (new name for Lukie's sweater courtesy of Jimm) I went to the Needle this afternoon and did some stash therapy. Got a new colourway in Iro - I loved working in it and I am considering making the Ekeby vest in it; got two skeins in Vintage - I love the washed out colors, but I am not sure what to make out of it; and replaced one Noro Silk Garden with a colorway that I liked a lot more.

On the Mama front - she does not want the jacket to be made in anything in wool because she is "allergic" to it and she had to "rip off" the scarf I made for her when we went out on Monday. The colors of the Donegal are also not to her liking. I think that the only way to go is to use Rowan Summer Tweed - colors are great and not a smidgeon of wool in sight. I must swatch it out and see if it will work.

May be I will start Tropical Fishes - the socks in the yarn that Lukie picked out last Friday at Spun. I will make them from the toes up - I seem to always make his socks too small.

On the work front, however, things are really great. Only a week left in on-service (I needed to extend my January coverage so that I could take March break off with the boys), papers are coming along nicely, one got accepted (yey! the blemmy will finally make an appearance in the genetic literature!), submitted another one and have two on the go. Love doing it again - I guess my writing should be in medicine and that's the end of that!

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