Saturday, January 9, 2010

Happy New Yarn.

So much has happened. I started to work very hard at some writing for work, so I have had a lot less time for the blog. Knitting continued, but at a slower pace.
We had a really good Chrismas - my sister and her husband Yeng came from Cambodia (she is liontamer on Ravelry and the engine of Cambodia Knits). They brought lots of puppets and monsters for show, sale and delivery. My sons had a great time with their aunt and uncle, occasionally modelling for Cambodia Knits. Last Tuesday she made a presentation at our knitting guild (The Around the Bay Knitting Guild) guild and that went very well. It was good to have her here for a while, but it had to end.
On Thursday I felt quite blue and I went to the Needle for some yarn therapy. I had been there recently to restash a few yarns, but it was not therapeutic enough. This time I bought some Noro Iro, in spunky blue that I really do not know what I will make from it. Another scarf, may be? But getting it, petting it and sniffing it helped a bit.
Today I got the new Interweave Crochet and the new Inside Crochet came sometime before Christmas. I so seldom crochet, but I love reading about it and looking at different projects. The difference betweeen the UK and the American project types is illuminating - a lot more non-clothing doodads on the European side of the Atlantic.

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  1. Oooh! Lovely yarn. Sorry you were blue... Yeng and I just realized we forgot to leave you a copy of Russel Peter's Red, White and Brown. We'll send it to you along with some CDs of 60's Cambodian music mentioned in that book you got us for Christmas, The Disappeared. Things really are not as mad as that now, 20 years later, but it does paint an excellent picture of the emotional and spiritual pain of the people of Cambodia then, and now...