Thursday, January 14, 2010

Three Little Brilliances.

Three little epiphanies while making Noro Raglan for Lukie (Noralu):

1. The edge of slipped garter stitch looks massively better and neater if the garter is all PURLS. I would not recommend doing an entire sweater or blanket with purled garter stitch, but it is just brilliant as a little neck edging or buttonhole band.

2. My M1 look a lot worse than a simple twisted "add a stitch". By M1 I mean the "knit into the front and back of a stitch" method of increase, also known as the bar increase. The raglan for Sarah's baby is much more raggedy than the one I am making right now.
3. From the crochet world: working the first row into the bumps of the chain rather than across! It makes the end look like a bound off version or the top of a single or double crochet. And I have been crocheting for almost forty years and did not figure this one out. Sad. Really sad. This idea is from the most recent Inside Crochet out of the UK.

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