Friday, June 26, 2009

We Are in Greece, but ...

our luggage stayed in London. We missed our connection at Heathrow, and got to Athens via Vienna (sic!) just in a nick of time. But now we are on the island of Alonissios and it has been 54 hours without a change of clothes.
Tomorrow is the wedding and I will knit 1/3 of my Athenian Holiday to have to cover my shoulders. I have a dress that I bought from the photographer, but it is sleevles. The other two hanks of cotton are - you guessed it - at the airport either in Athens or Skiathos. So onlye 1/3 of a shawl for me.

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  1. Argh!! I just wrote you an email asking how the holiday is going and well now I have an idea. No luggage, no good! I hope things get better from here onwards...