Wednesday, June 24, 2009

"Off to Greece for a Fortnight."

I just finished packing. Two adults and two kids means a lot of luggage. We are travelling through England and will have a 3 hour wait in the middle of the night at Heathrow, so I need to plan for entertaining two cranky and tired kids. Then the flight to Athens, then a 4 hour drive to Kamenavourla from where we shall take a ferry to Alonissios on Friday morning.
Yes, it is very far, and yes, it borders on insanity to do this with two energetic and high maintenance kids, but Jimm's friend is getting married there and we were invited. No, they are not channelling Mamma Mia! - he is Greek and wants to get married in Greece. But it is pretty far...
We will stay on the island for five days, then spend four days in Athens and London each (that's why the non-direct flight, something I stay away from as much as possible; it is such a waste of time to change planes).
I packed some knitting - Athenian Holiday (duh!) and Turcs & Caicos II. I may take Soozn Bramble as well, but can't seem to find it right now.
So here we go.

PS. The title is a quote from "Shirley Valentine".


  1. Have a great trip and I hope the midnight stopover isn't too painful for all of you. Eat lots of yummy food for me!! Greek is one the few things we can't get here...

  2. Zaglądam jak tylko jestem u siebie. Pozdrawiam :.