Monday, June 15, 2009

Knitting Reading.

You can read about knitting and you can read knitting.

A few years back I read Barbara Delinsky's "Family Tree". It is a good book about a family confronting its prejudices and biases in the face of their baby's genetic destiny. Driven by the plot I read it very fast, and I did not notice at all that a huge part of the story was set in a yarn store! The protagonist's grandmother runs a yarn store where the girl grew up. There are descriptions of knitted baby clothes, a baby blanket made by the yarn store regulars, yarns' being unpacked at the change of seasons, a Feroese shawl pattern. There are calming knitting rituals. A stash is mentioned by name. And I missed it! I picked the book up again, because I saw it displayed at a yarn store I visited recently and wondered why it was there.

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