Sunday, February 1, 2009

Tiered Procrastination

I am a little bummed out this weekend. The long awaited Twenty Years vest will not be finished anytime soon. I run out of yarn and even though I am willing to try a different dye lot for the front inset and the neck and armhole ribs there is none of the DK Cashsoft to be had. I considered frogging the whole thing because I thought it would be way too wide, but Jimm likes it loose. It can also be considered to be too long - it is a very 80s design. So we have two possibilities (the third - forgetting the whole thing for another two or twenty years is not an option): 1. frogging both front and back down to the ribs and staring all over again amking it both narrower and shorter; or 2. frogging only the front (or the back) and narrowing only it to salvage enough yarn for the ribs and inset; keeping the length the same. Jimm's birthday is on the 17th and I still have time to do either option if I knit like a maniac. But I got into the avoidance mode and:

1. bought three differnt skeins of Noro Sock Yarn just to see the colors and what the whole Noro hoopla is all about;

2. bought two matching skeins of Noro Garden Lite for the same reason;

3. bought a skein of Classy Dream Yarn for a hat for Jimm (in crazy red-orange, wonder if he will ever wear it);

4. bough two skeins of Lorna's Laces sock yarn for blue socks for Luke;

5. cast on one of the Noro Sock yarn for a diagonal scarf; and

6. continued to knit the second Jaywalker.

I promised myself that when I finish the second Jaywalker I will make a decision about the vest. But as you can see, I am procrastinating on that too. This is called tiered procrastination.
Now my second Jaywalker developed a severe case of the puddles!!! Darn it, drat!!!
A bad weekend all around.

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