Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The n OR o Waiting Scarf.

I used my favorite needles - 11' 5.5 mm ones, nicely fat and short, perfect for scarves - to pass away the time of waiting to find out if my son's surgery will go on. He was scheduled for 9am, but a transformer blew at the university and the hospital, and we did not know until 1:20pm if he was going to go in. In fact, the hospital was on Code Gray (evacuation) standby. The power came back on at 9:55, but there were ventiallation and sedative scavenging system failures in the OR block that took all this time to fix. It was a 25 min hernia repair, but we waited for six hours. Mark (the surgeon and a friend) did not cancel Lukie's surgery, because he was the first on the list and we were hoping that the thing will get fixed before 3pm, when Mark's OR slots were finished. We gambled and got lucky.

Lukie was a real trooper, even though he was hungry as all get go. I brought my knitting bag and planned to work on the Twenty Year vest. But when I found out about the delay I could not concentrate on the vest, especially as it started to look that the diamond panel was too narrow and that frogging was in order. Fortunately, as I was going out the door in the morning I grabbed the new Noro Silk Garden and my shortie needles. Don't ask why - the Knitting Gods were looking out for me. A scarf was the only thing that I could do while we waited, between iPod and the DVD player watching Bug's Life, Bob the Builder and Finding Nemo. Then I had to carry Lukie around a bit, because he took to yelling out loud that he was hungry. But overall he was great and brave.

I cast it on at about 8:45 and cast off just before he woke up in the recovery room. Love the colors, but next one I will try lengthwise because I think the colors will look even better that way. I need to get long circulars for that.

The Twenty Years vest got frogged and started again in the Post Op Room. Lukie recovered great, has not asked for any pain meds and was boucing up and down on the bed right after he woke up. Mark Walton is a great surgeon!

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