Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A Big Disappointment.

So the Jaywalkers are finished and I do not like them. I am not even proud of them. I worked on them for a month. Tried four different yarns: the first, a lovely red crimson handpainted yarn, did not show the pattern well enough, the next was too Eastery for what I had in mind, the third had the problem with colors coming together cancelling each other out so that there was no orange or lilac to be seen. It also puddled into stripes of purple and washed out lime. Finally the last one - a Hobby Print - jaywalked well. However, the second sock developed a severe case of the puddles as I had finished the gussets and was on the home stretch on the instep. Had to frog it. And it continued to puddle and puddle. I finally took to skipping short lengths of yarn to avoid it and ended up with a whole bunch of knots on the inside.

And I do not like the way the ribbing ruffles at the corners of the jaywalks - I noticed it on the original photos in the pattern and in other people's socks as well. Mine just seems more pronounced.

And the yarn is already fuzzing and I have only worn them for three hours!!!

And to add insult to injury, even though I counted rows all along the second sock ended up shorter.

What a waste of time. Wow.

But I had made up my mind and ripped out the back of the Twenty Year vest and restarted it narrower by 30 stitches. Now I worry that it will be too narrow, because my tension seems to be tighter. Oh well...

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  1. A mi się Twoje Jaywalkers podobają. Może rzeczywiście nie wybralaś najlepszej wlóczki, skoro już sie kićki robią, ale reszta jest OK. Do jaywalkers zazwyczaj trzeba robić kilka podejść. Ja zrobilam dwie pary, zaczęlam chyba z 5.

    Ravelry ma miliony pięknych wzorów na skarpetki, jest więc w czym wybierać :o)