Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Forty Days.

This may seem contrived, but here it goes: I will not waste time on the Internet for the next forty days. No Ravelry, no Facebook (I am hardly ever there), no NK, no genealogy. I will use the time to knit things for my family, to spend time with them, and to write. E-mail at work only and for work purposes. No surfing.

The irony is that I got this idea from Ravelry - somebody joked (or not) that she was going to give up buying yarn and another person with more spritual approach suggested not giving up knitting, but rather to give up Ravelry/Internet and spend that time on other things like knitting for charity. And seeing how many FOs you end up with at the end of the forty days.

Well, this is what I will do. I have the yarn, I have the patterns, now I will have the time - so knitting will go on. I will log in what I knit just to record the dates, but no stories, no photos.

And I will write - I will work on the stories I have been carrying around in my head and heart.

I am looking forward to this!

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