Sunday, February 21, 2010

Wondering Around/Aloud.

I have started the Mora Chevron Vest in Noro Silk Garden. I was soooo happy with my two Noro projects - Tropical Fish and Tequila Sunrise - that I just had to keep going with more Noro.
Well, I am not thrilled with this one.
First. The purple and black in the middle of the vest just don't rock my boat!

Two. Even though I matched the begining of the skein, the colors do not align. The reason - there is a knot in the middle of the first black-green stripe with an added length there.

Three. The wrong side looks - to me - much better than the front!!! I am seriously thinking about reversing the whole kit and kabooddle. It will require dropping the middle stitch and redoing it from the bottom up. I can do it, but will it be worth it?

I went to Main Street Yarns in Milton yesterday and bought two skeins of Sekku, colorway 5, but I am already wondering about the colors in the middle of the skein! The outside is great - poppy with green and white, but there is blue and purple lurking inside. Hmmmmmm.... What to make from cobweb-weight yarn?

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