Thursday, March 11, 2010

What a Good Day Means to Me:

- not working, just phoning in and e-mailing PRN;
- finishing "Literary Hoaxes" by Melissa Katsoulis;
- blocking the back and left front of Babcia's Jacket so as to be able to start the right front;

- getting a good hunk of Summer Meadow done so that the circular needle is not a pain anymore;

- spinning for almost one hour and managing to keep up (most of the time)[that's spinning on a bike at a gym, not yarn-spining :-/];
- getting a pedicure and having my toes painted shocking orange;
- stashing up four more skeins of Iro;
- savouring the Olympics again in MacLean's;
- finally finding the February issue of InsideCrochet!!!;

and only one day of work before we fly off with my three boys, four great books, and a good and easy knitting project!

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