Tuesday, March 9, 2010


I managed to start the square shawl in Sekku. Starting a centre-out pattern on 3mm needles using cobweb-weight yarn reminded me of the former Surgeon General who said that operating on newborns was like trying to stitch together a strand of spaghetti at the bottom of an ice cream dish. Yeah, it was like that. The yarn was too thin and there were too few stitches to keep the needles from falling out. The work kept on twisting around the few stitches on the needle. The pattern needed a few run throughs to become instinctive. But once the latter was achieved, I was able to do it. Now I just have to make it large enough to put it on my Addi Turbo circular needle and my holiday project is ready. We are going to Dominican Republic, for March break. Flying out of Hamilton airport woo hoo! Last time, on the way back it was 24 minutes door to door - airplane to house! That is civilized, unlike Toronto Pearson Int'l.

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