Thursday, May 28, 2009


My sister returns to Cambodia tomorrow. Back to her life and her loving and very lonely husband. Since I am single-handedly responsible for her acquiring a knitting bug during her stay with our mother, I presented her today with the only appropriate parting gift - a knit kit.

It is a a red Knitopotamus (not Hiphopotamus) - a notions case from Clover bought from Danielle at Spun. He has swallowed two row counters, two stitch holders, three tip protectors, a baggie of stitch markers, a Department of Geneticts measuring tape (that's what I had!), my old and well-used gauge and needle size ruler, a Chibi tapestry needles set and a yarn cutter on a string - not "the" string, but a string nevertheless. The lid has been personalized by Lukie after the photos were taken.

1 comment:

  1. Knitopotamus, which I have nicknamed the HipHopotamus, is happily residing in Cambodia. He prefers the hot weather, says he. Have already made good use of the tape measure (which scares the crap out of the Meow), the markers, the gauge and the tip protectors. A perfect gift to go with the addiction...