Saturday, May 8, 2010

Not Much New.

Babcia Jacket is still not finished. I thought to finish it for Mother's Day, but then I was not making it for Mother's Day, so I decided not to finish it. It has been languishing on the carpet in my office, blocked for the last two weeks.
I started the sleeves on my Linen Tie Jacket. Considering that I made half of both fronts on 4mm needles instead of 6mm no wonder that I am still is not finished - it should have been finished last week. But otherwise it is going well, even if a bit crooked. It will need serious blocking.
Snuck out to Romni Wool today looking for past issues of Inside Crochet and Interweave Crochet; bought eight skeins of Katia Lino instead. In lovely marmalade color (4 skeins) and in pewter (2 skeins) and two in natural to have enough for the VK Top with Cowl.
On the other front, workwise, a lot is getting done, so I am not complaining. Plus I am on service right now, for all of May.

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