Saturday, October 17, 2009

Moebius Magic.

I tried my hand at Cat Bordhi's Moebius this week. It really makes me wonder how her mind works! How did she come up with this incredible idea? I started to make it without much difficulty, cast on some (it turned out way too many) stitches and started knitting. And then I noticed that the other end is in purl, and there is a ridge in the middle, and that as I continue knitting, the purls increase on the other side with, and it keeps going. I know now how to make it, but I will not pretend that I understand how it works!
The knitted fabric increases between the two loops of the wire needle, separating them as it increases - magic. You cast off and go twice around and have only one edge - magic. You add a color on one row and suddenly it is all around the whole piece of work - magic.

The fact that I decided to be stupid and did not count the number of stitches - not magic, just normal. It ended up too skinny, anorexic actually, and way too long. Frogged and will start again today.

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