Thursday, January 15, 2009

Things to Do.

1. Stitch together the Lace Peignoir so that I will have enough stitch holders to finish the vest for Jimm.
2. Weigh the remaining yarn and the sock already produced so that I can figure out if I can make a pair of Yaya socks.
3. The colors on the Jazzy Jaywalkers just do not look right. They blend together and the nice reds and oranges are just lost and the overall effect is just washed out limes and green yellows with some purples thrown in. Nothing to be done with this, but I will finish them.

4. Get the CD with the photos of my stash and upload the photos!
5. Photocopy the patterns I want and return the books to the library!
6. Repack the needles and hooks into the new bag from Lena Brown (via Etsy).
7. Prepare the Jimmy Tie and the Starfish Shawl patterns for upload to Ravelry (may be).

Progress report:

I. Lace. Stitched the shoulder seams with Kitchener stitch - it looks great! The Hempathy yarn matches the Blood KidSilk Haze as if they were dyed and matched in heaven! I got lucky here. I am making the edging right now.

II. Repaired Jimm's (now my) Fortune. Reinforced the hemlines and the bottoms of the sleeves and repaired a hole using the brown part of Berocco Sox; looks ok, but of course not perfect. Never make a scarf from leftover sweater yarn for your husband as you may not have yarn for repairs. And he will lose it anyway.

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